Auto & Trucking Accidents

The majority of our litigation and trial work involves automobile and trucking collision cases. We have experience in major collisions and more minor collisions. We recognize and understand the forces involved in vehicular collisions that cause injuries that disrupt lives. We are also experienced in using engineers, accident reconstruction experts, human factors experts, local physicians and surgeons and other experts needed to approve each aspect of your auto or trucking collision case. Dunlap, Ravis & Miller has the financial and personnel resources to see these cases through to the positive conclusion you deserve.

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Wrongful Death

Our most difficult and dreaded event is the sudden and tragic wrongful death of a family member or loved one. While you and your family are appropriately grieving your loss, the insurance company for the at fault party is hard at work finding witnesses, detailing the scene and doing everything they can to avoid accepting responsibility for their actions. It is important to hire an attorney to get to work on these cases immediately. Engineers need to be dispatched, evidence needs to be preserved, vehicles need to be impounded and inspected, witnesses need to be identified and interviewed, and toxicology and other medical forensics need to be preserved. We understand what it takes to prepare and win wrongful death cases in Florida and have handled dozens over our 30 years. These cases are controlled by the Florida Wrongful Death Act and require appointment of a Personal Representative to represent the Estate and move forward with the case. The Personal Representative appointed by the Court is the person who controls the wrongful death case and makes a recovery for all of the legal survivors of the individual who was killed. One of the positive benefits of hiring Dunlap, Ravis & Miller early in these cases is to allow your family to heal privately and appropriately while allowing our team to gather all necessary information to protect your rights and pursue claims for you and your family.

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Motorcycle Accidents

Most motorcycle accidents in the United States result from another vehicle turning directly in front of the oncoming motorcycle. Most vehicle drivers who cause these collisions claim they never saw the motorcycle before the collision. Motorcycle cases present their own unique issues in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Many members of our community are biased against motorcycle riders and do not understand the training, the attention and the dedication motorcycle riders exhibit while operating their motorcycles in Florida. Motorcycle collisions are often catastrophic. We have extensive experience with motorcycle cases involving head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, neck injuries, multiple broken bones and cognitive defects. Calculating the speeds of the vehicles at collision, identifying the sightlines of the at fault vehicle, documenting evidence at the scene of the collision, preserving the motorcycle itself and identifying and speaking with all witnesses at the scene is critical in a motorcycle collision case. Most witnesses to motorcycle collisions are unable and inexperienced in estimating speeds. Their estimates are often flawed by the loud noise of the motorcycle. Our firm has the experience and works with motorcycle experts to prepare and win these cases.

Dunlap, Ravis & Miller

Workplace Injuries

Everyday Floridians are injured on the job as a result of a defective condition or the fault of some other employer or company. At Dunlap, Ravis & Miller we represent individuals who have been injured on construction sites and in workplace injuries. Not only is there a workers’ compensation claim which must be handled appropriates, but many times there is a third-party liability claim involving another driver, another trade worker, a defective product, or a dangerously defective condition at the worksite. We have 30 years of experience in workers’ compensation and workplace injuries and understand how to gather appropriate information, assist with medical treatment and ensure that proper lost wages are being paid in a timely fashion. We also handle the additional liability case against an at fault party in workplace and construction injuries to recover additional compensation for our clients.

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Insurance Fraud

If you have had an insurance claim denied or if you believe you are the victim of insurance fraud, we can sue the insurance company and collect not only your benefits, but also attorneys’ fees on your behalf. Insurance companies routinely deny claims without the benefit of knowing or caring about the actual facts of the matter. It is their hope that you will give up and go away or allow too much time to pass before presenting your claim under your policy. We handle claims against homeowner’s companies or property damage, life insurance companies for denial of benefits, health insurance companies for denial of health benefits, disability insurance companies, and any other type insurance claim involving personal injury, property injury or death. If you suspect your claim has been wrongfully denied or you have been mistreated by your insurance company or someone else’s insurance company, call us for a consultation. We can help.

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Boating & Marine Injuries

While recreational boating can be one of the most pleasurable enjoyable experiences in Florida, it can also turn bad quickly. Each year hundreds of Floridians are injured as a result of negligent operation of watercraft including personal watercraft/jet skis. The St. Johns River, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean off our coast are all navigable waterways in Florida which have specific legal rules and regulations which must be followed. Injuries on navigable waterways in Florida allow for specific types of recovery for personal injury and death. Our lawyers have owned and operated boats for 30+ years including power boats, fishing boats and sail boats. We have represented clients in tragic on the water death claim cases and many others.