Identifying Causes of Truck Accidents Can Aid Your Legal Case

Knowing the causes of truck accidents can allow an injured person to make a valid claim against the responsible parties and aid in determining whether any federal regulations have been violated. At Dunlap Ravis & Miller in Jacksonville, FL, we have been helping victims of truck accidents demand full and fair compensation since 2002. At your free initial consultation, we will familiarize ourselves with your case and explain what to expect if and when you file a lawsuit. 

Why Liability Is Important in Truck Accidents

Determining who is at fault, or who is liable, is a key factor in any personal injury case. With a trucking case, it is critical to establish liability so the proper party can be sued. This may include taking action against the driver, the company, a manufacturer, or a combination of these parties.

Our job is to examine the accident, look at all of the factors, make a case for what caused the crash, and identify the responsible party. Once those decisions are made, we can demand a full and fair compensation for every injury you have suffered.

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We will work tirelessly to analyze every aspect of your case and ensure the best chances of success. 

What Causes a Truck Accident?

Because the size and weight of a commercial truck or semi-truck is much greater than a passenger car or truck, the injuries that result from accidents are usually catastrophic. In order to understand the magnitude of these accidents, it is important to look at what factors contribute to a trucking accident. Many trucking accidents are caused by:

  • Inexperience: Truck drivers must go through specialized training in order to safely operate the vehicle. If a driver is rushed through this training or has little experience, they can put other drivers in danger. 
  • Improper training: When training falls short of industry standards, the driver or the company can be held liable for any injuries that occur during an accident. In order to determine if inadequate training is the cause, a thorough examination into the company's policies and procedures must be undertaken.
  • Weather: The weather can play a role in any car accident and the same is true when a large truck is involved. It takes longer to come to a safe stop on a slick road while high winds can cause semi-trucks and other large trucks to have difficulty staying in the proper lane.
  • Maintenance: Commercial trucks require a certain level of maintenance. A failure to keep up with necessary repairs can be a violation of trucking regulations at both the state and federal level. When an investigation uncovers facts indicating proper maintenance was not made, the party responsible for the oversight can be held liable for injuries that resulted from an accident related to improper care and maintenance of the truck.

Driver fatigue, distracted driving, speeding, and driving under the influence are also major causes of trucking accidents. A driver who engages in these reckless behaviors can be found liable for injuries, as well. 

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