What to Do after a Car Accident

No one takes the wheel or gets in a car expecting to be in an accident. But car accidents do happen, and when they do they can be frightening and leave victims wondering where to turn for answers. A few helpful hints will let you know what to do after a car accident and put you at ease when talking with an attorney about your case. The law firm of Dunlap Ravis & Miller in Jacksonville, FL, was founded in 2002. Our personal injury attorney, Joseph C. Miller, offers free initial consultations and will aggressively pursue a full range of damages for victims of car and truck accidents. Call (904) 358-2020 or reach our firm online.

Immediate Steps

If you have been in an accident, the steps you take immediately afterward can have a significant impact on your case. If possible, you should:

  • Pull to the shoulder or side of the road so you are not exposed to any additional danger.
  • Take down the names and phone numbers of all witnesses, so you can call on them later for a statement or to give testimony about what they saw.
Woman taking picture of car crash
Take photographs of the vehicles, your surroundings, and any injuries if you are able.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, including the damage done to your car and any personal injuries suffered.
  • Give an accurate report of the incident to the investigating officer, and then obtain a copy of the police report.
  • Call 911 so emergency services can be dispatched and provide medical attention to those in need.
  • Do not admit fault or make an apology. Even something as simple as saying you are sorry might be construed as an admission of liability, so it is best to keep your comments to a minimum.

Also, you are not required to give a statement to the insurance adjuster for the other driver. You will first want to talk things over with your attorney, and then proceed as they advise. If you start receiving pressure to talk with the adjuster, direct them to our Jacksonville office for further assistance.

Being in a car or truck accident is confusing and frightening. Knowing what to do in the aftermath helps maximize damages so you can fully recover.

Reasons Not to Settle with an Insurance Company

You will want to report the accident to your own insurance carrier and can do that in the days following the incident, but keep in mind the other company does not work for you and is not looking out for your best interests. While it may seem like a good idea to take a quick settlement, here are some reasons why you should not settle with the other driver’s insurance company:

  • The initial offer will probably not cover all of your expenses.
  • Some injuries are not readily apparent and may take time to develop. If you settle too quickly, you give up the right to payment for injuries that are discovered after settlement.
  • The adjuster is not looking out for you, but is trying to make the best deal for the insurance company.

Discuss your case with Mr. Miller before signing any documents or taking any agreement. Our job is to protect your rights, and we do that by demanding full reimbursement.

Why It Is Important to Hire a Lawyer

Having an attorney handle your case from the start is beneficial for many reasons. First, your attorney will make sure your case is filed on time because if you miss the deadline, you will not be able to bring legal action against the other driver or responsible party. Next, your lawyer will investigate the accident and determine liability. Once liability has been established, your attorney will demand full compensation for all of your injuries. Allowing a trusted attorney to take on your case gives you the chance to recover while an effective strategy for your case is developed. 

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